Sky Machine 2017

An Air Ship ascending into the clouds. 


This piece is permanently installed in Kid's Awesome Children's Museum in Taipai, Taiwan.  


The clouds glow above the climber creating a focal point and an end goal for the children as they ascend to the top.  As the children climb they realize they are not alone.  They have a companion in the sky machine which hovers next to the climber.  The sky machine is small and sweet like a child version of the normal sized air ships that we see outside the museum.  The clouds are large and feel as though a storm has just subsided and light beams are poking out through the cloud showing that the sun is about to arrive.  I want the children to feel that even if the climb up into the sky might be a little scary they will be rewarded for their effort, just as sometimes life will be hard but if they persist there will be rewards.