Nicole in her sculpture Vessel. Created in Russia as part of a residency with the National Contemporary Center for the Arts. This photo was taken in Berlin by Michael Wickham as a part of his 40 Berliners Series.


Nicole Anona Banowetz

Born 1981 Fort Collins, CO USA

Nicole Banowetz is a Denver sculptor who makes sewn inflatable sculptures and delicate assembled forms.  Her artwork addresses vulnerability and struggle.  She empowers objects through embellishment, building up protective layers, which with time become destructive.  Her forms move freely between growth and decay blurring the distinction between decoration and disease.  Nicole’s work is inspired by the natural world. She addresses human qualities while using the imagery she finds in the animal, plant, mineral, and bacterial worlds. She has made made installations inspired by bacteria, parasitic fungus, viruses, radiolaria, rotifers, horses, and rhinos. All these forms she recreates in soft inflatable sculptures, which she designs and sews on her sewing machine., sometimes adding illumination from within so that the forms glow at night, and other times adding delicate sculpted porcelain forms which balance within or on top of the inflatable.

Nicole Banowetz works professionally as an artist in sculpture, design, installation, and education. She graduated from Colorado State University in 2004 with a BFA in sculpture.  She has also lived and worked internationally creating and / or showing work in India, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Taiwan, and England.  Nicole has shown in the Biennial of the Americas, The Museum of Outdoor Arts, the Arvada Center, Ironton Gallery, OpenART, Pirate Contemporary, Gray Contemporary, Saginaw Valley State University Art Gallery, and the Kreuzburg Pavilion.  She is in the permanent collection of the Denver Children's Museum and the Denver Zoo in the US, The Amsterdam Light festival's Light Art Collection, and Kids Awesome Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.  

Nicole has completed  residencies at the Center for Creative Activities in Ustka, Poland a part of the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art‘s artist in residency program, the NCCA Art Residence in Kronstadt in Russia, and in Berlin the GlogauAIR artist in residency program and  the Institut für Alles Mögliche residency program.   She also participated in the Denver Children's Museum residency program, making a large inflatable series of sculptures inspired by childrens' drawings of microscopic creatures.  She recently completed large inflatable light installations for both the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Amsterdam Light festival, and showed in the OpenArt biennial in Orebro in 2017.  Nicole recently completed the AARK Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo Finland and created a new work for the the Environmental Art Exhibition Barfotastigen (Barefoot Path) running through September 2018.  She was also in residence with Breckcreate in Breckenridge in July and August 2018 in preparation for her work in the Breckenridge International Festival of the Arts.   

Nicole is based in Denver, CO USA .   She is represented by Gray Contemporary in Houston Texas.  Nicole is currently showing her new work, The Incubation Effect at the Denver Art Museum.  She also has a collaborative installation at the Museum of Outdoor Art’s Nature Obscura.