This Microscopic Journey.

An Illustration Expanded through Childhood.

IMG_4576 (1).jpg

The first rotifers I create at the children’s museum are based on my sketches inspired by tiny creatures.  As I work in the studio in the children’s museum I collect children’s interpretations of the microscopic rotifer.



As time passes the children’s drawings begin to influence and change my designs of the inflatable rotifers I sew.  Just as in nature the rotifer is influenced by the DNA of it’s surrounding, in the studio the rotifer is influenced by the children it interacts with.



The final resting place for the rotifers is flying up into the air near the climber.  As the children climb up to the top of the climber they will share a space with the flying rotifers.  Just as on nature the when the rotifers shatter their own DNA to adapt to and learn from the world around them, my rotifers will learn from and react to the children at the museum.