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Canal Convergence: Permutate

  • 4420 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ, 85251 United States (map)

Experience 10 days of wonder at the Scottsdale Waterfront during this FREE annual confluence of water + art + light, all with a focus on sharing the story of how water, through diverse perspectives, has greatly impacted Arizona’s history.

Giant, glowing strands of algae emerge from the canal as this surreal, alien-like growth stretches out its tendrils toward viewers on the Waterfront. As humans we have infinite interactions with our natural environment every day. Often, we are unaware of how they create ripples in the world around us. Permutate encourages the viewer to have a collaborative interaction with the environment by rewarding thoughtful interaction with the installation. 

Permutate is a series of three inflatable sculptures, inspired by freshwater algae living in the Arizona Canal. It is sewn from black and white fabric and lit from the inside with more than 80 meters of LED strands. When the algae portions remain untouched, they pulse lime green, similar to the natural color of an algae bloom. As viewers touch them, tendrils of red and orange discoloration emanate from the points of contact, simulating a “toxic” effect. But as more people work together to thoughtfully engage with it, the colors transform to a brilliant turquoise. When viewers engage the right amount of touch points on the pieces on either side of the canal, an algae medallion hanging above the canal at Goldwater Bridge will reward them with a light show. 

This installation is a creative technology collaboration with Bryan Costanza. 

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