Nicole Anona Banowetz

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Incubation Effect. Denver Art Museum.  Denver, CO. USA.

Erupture. Wonderspaces. USA.

2018      A Delicate Nature. SVSU Art Gallery. Saginaw, MI, USA. 

                Incubation Effect. Denver Art Museum.  Denver, CO. USA.

                Being More Than One.  Gray Contemporary.  Houston, TX. USA.

2017      Simulacra Vision. A collaboration with Chris Bagley.  Pirate Contemporary Art. Denver, CO. USA

2016     Gentle Infestation. Pirate Contemporary Art. Denver, CO. USA

2015     Gentle Infestation.  Bałtycka Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Ustka, Poland.

    Embrace: The Heavy Petting Gallery.  Kreuzburg Pavilion.  Berlin, Germany. 

    Being More than One.  Institut Fur Alles Mögliche.  Berlin, Germany

2014    Rhinos and Sea Anemones Fighting.  Pirate Contemporary Art. Denver, CO. USA

   Contagion.  Museum of Outdoor Arts Glass Gallery.   Englewood, CO USA.

2013    (anti)decay.  Pirate Contemporary Art.  Denver, CO.  USA

2012    Horses: An inflatable installation.  Ironton Gallery.  Denver, CO. USA


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Nature Obscura. Museum of Outdoor Arts Glass Gallery. Englewood, CO USA

Art of the State. Arvada Center, Arvada, CO. USA 2018     Barefoot Path environmental art exhibit.  Korpo, Finland. 

 2018   Teaching/Artist. Understudy.  Denver, CO.  USA

2017     Art of the State.  Arvada Center, Arvada, CO.  USA.

2016    Bell and Banowetz.  The Art Gym.  Denver, CO.  USA.

2015     Open Studios: GlogauAIR resident Artists.  GlogauAIR.  Berlin, Germany.

    Doubles. Niederlassung.  Berlin, Germany.

    UnDeed.  GlogauAIR. Berlin, Germany. 

2014    Incite Insight.  Lincoln Center.  Fort Collins, CO.  USA

   Unbound: 5 Installations.   Arvada Center. Arvada, CO. USA.

2013    First Draft. Biennial of the Americas. McNichols Building   Denver, CO.  USA.

   Juried By Adam Lerner.  Pirate Gallery. Denver, CO. USA.

   Visualize. Colorado State University Art Museum.  Fort Collins CO. USA

2011     On Being a Woman. Wazee Union. Denver, CO.      USA.

2010    The Love Show. Core New Art Space. Denver, CO.  USA.

               Icebreaker Show.  Ice Cube Gallery. Denver, CO. USA.


Residency Programs

2018  ARCC.  Korpo, Finland

2016    Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus. Denver, CO. 

2015    Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art. Centre for Creative Activities in Ustka, Poland.  

   GlogauAIR.  Berlin, Germany.

    National Center for Contemporary Arts.  Ministry of the Russian Federation.  St Petersburg. Russia.

    Institut Fur Alles Mogliche.  Berlin, Germany.

2013     Elsewhere Studios.  Paonia, CO. USA.


Public Presentations, Performances and Sculptural Events

2019 Creative Mornings Lecturer. Denver Art Museum, Denver CO, USA.

2018 Visiting artist and lecturer. SVSU. Saginaw, MI. USA.

2017    BAAM. (Build Art and Make the world you want).  Founded Collective social art group,in Denver CO USA creating large inflatable sculptures.   

   Artist lecture on work.  Denver University art department.  Denver, CO.

   A Midwinter’s Night Glow.  Inflatable Performance.  Greenwood Village.  CO.  USA.

2016    Artist lecture on the experience of creating and showing Vessel in my residency in Russia.  Art Gym. Denver, CO.  

    Brilliant. Distended Defense, my wearable inflatable walked the runway.   Gallery ofContemporary Art. Colorado Springs. CO. USA.

2015     Mischa Badasyan’s“Safe”.  Collaborative Performance.  Deutsch-polnisches Theaterfestival Unithea. Frankfort Oder.  Germany.

    Artist Talk with Inflatable presentation.  GlogauAIR.  Berlin, Germany.

    Vessel.  A site specific inflatable event.  Kronstadt. Russia.  

2014     Burns Park Temporary Sculpture Celebration. Denver, CO. USA.

2009    Artist Presentation. Chandigarh School of Art. Chandigarh, India.


Public Art Projects
2018 Rotifers. Hong Kong Winter Lights. Tamar Square. Hong Kong. China.

Life of a Slime Mold. London Wall Place.London, United Kingdom.

Concerning Plants.  BIFA. Wellington Trail. Breckenridge, CO. USA

             Nature Will Not Miss Us. BIFA. Old Masonic Hall.  Breckenridge, CO. USA

2017   Life of a Slime Mold.  Amsterdam Light festival.  Amsterdam.  Netherlands.  

             Outbreak.   OpenART. Orebro, Sweden.  

  Rotifers.  Never sea festival.  Constanta, Roemania

  Airship ascending into the clouds.  Children’s Awesome Museum.  Taipei, Taiwan.  Permanent Inflatable light Installation.  

2016   Rotifers. Amsterdam Light festival.  Amsterdam.  Netherlands.  

  This Microscopic Journey.  Children’s Museum at Marsico Campus.  Denver, CO. USA.   Permanent inflatable installation.    

  Becoming More than One. Gallery of Contemporary Art.  Colorado Springs, CO.  USA.

  Underwater Mosaics.  Newton Middle School.  Denver,  CO.    

2015     Cluster. Inflatable Light installation. Showcase Project.  GlogauAIR.  Berlin, Germany.  

2014    Inflatable Luminous Garden.  Hanzon Studios and Zoo Lights.  Houston TX.  USA.

2011     Mosaic Sculpture ProjectNek Chand’s Fantasy Rock Garden.  Chandigarh, India. 

2010    Inflatable Holiday Installation.  Hudson Holiday, Hudson Gardens. Littleton, CO. USA.

2009    Collaborative Mosaic Project. Nek Chand's Fantasy Rock Garden. Chandigarh, India. 

2008    Restoration Project. Secret Rock Garden. Kerala, India.  


Selected Teaching Artist in Residency Programs in Educational Institutes. 

2017    Utopia, a sci-fi utopian world built out of mylar and air.  McMeen Elementary.  Denver, CO.  

2016    Entryway Mosaic and Garden Mosaic.  McMeen Elementary.  Denver, CO.

   Microscopic Inspiration sculptures.  Governor’s Ranch Elementary.  Denver CO.

    Collaboration and Teamwork Puzzle mosaic. Paris elementary. Aurora, CO. USA

2014     Connecting Art to the Human Experience.  Governor’s Ranch Elementary.  Denver CO. 

    Inflatable geometric shape project, connecting art and math.  Noel.  Montebello. CO

    Bacteria Inspired Sculptural Jewelry.  Career Education Center.  Denver CO.

    Glass and Fabric products for restitution.  District Attorney Office.  Denver, CO.  

2013    Floral Mosaic Project.  CMS Elementary. Denver CO.  

   Bug Mosaic Project. Denver Public Library Valdez-Perry branch. Denver CO 

   Tree Mosaic. McKinley Thatcher Elementary.  Denver CO.  

   Inflatable Carnival Animals Project.  Cherrelyn Elementary. Englewood CO.  

2012    Fabric Forest Project. Iowa Elementary.  Aurora, CO.  

   Wearable sculpture Project.  Pomona High School.  Wheat Ridge, CO


Permanent Collections

Denver Zoo.  Denver, CO USA.

Children’s Awesome Museum.  Taipei, Taiwan.

Children’s Museum at Marsico Campus.  Denver, CO. USA.

Amsterdam Light Art Collection.  Amsterdam, Netherlands.  

Mid Michigan Children’s Museum. Saginaw, Michigan.



Gray Contemporary.  Houston, TX. USA.



2004     Art Department, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. B.F.A. concentration in sculpture.